I shall be selling all sorts 
of interesting and unusual 
records, tapes, videos, DVDs, 
books and recordings so come
back in a few weeks when I shall
be listing them.

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Last updated 11 Aug 2014

Cycling/keeping fit
Music - All Genres
Folk Music from around the World
Spoken Word
Cultures of the world
Films & drama
Gilbert & Sullivan
Modern Warfare
English Literature
Sherlock Holmes

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  This is LEFTLAUGHING.COM, retirement home of Alan Taylor.
  Resident Lancashire with a wife, 2 children and 3 Grandchildren.


   Alan is retiring soon.   If you want Vinyl Replica then sorry
   but I have decided to close it to new customers.  If you are a
   previous customer and require any services then you can contact
   me at:

        Telephone   07780 940296   or   alan@leftlaughing.com